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Explore New York City land use, permits, violations, sales, records, & moreā€”all in one place.

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What is AlgoNYC?

AlgoNYC centralizes New York City's disjointed real estate data into one intuitive platform.

Most real estate & land use professionals rely on City-managed tools such as ZoLa, ACRIS, and DOB BIS for their due diligence, but these tools have critical information gaps because each focuses on one unique area: ZoLa does zoning, ACRIS does records, DOB BIS does permits, etc.

What about sales? Shootings? Infrastructure projects? 311 complaints?

AlgoNYC provides everything in one place.

By aggregating data from a multitude of city agencies into one easy-to-use platform, we save you time and provide you with deeper insight into the markets and properties you're researching.

What data do we provide?

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of real estate data that's openly available.


Inspect FARs, lot sizes, units, building square footages, & other property info.


See zoning districts, historic districts, commercial overlays, land uses, & more.

Quality of Life

Examine 311 complaints like noise or rodents and track approved liquor licenses.


Analyze job applications and permits for new buildings, alterations, and demolition work.


Review citywide residential & commercial real estate transactions dating back to 2003.

Public Safety

Identify where and when shootings, arrests, and other police complaints occur.


Dive into publicly available ACRIS (Automated City Register) filings like deeds and mortgages.


See the impacts of historical flooding, sea rise projections, and evacuation zones.


Find subway stations, entrances, lines, & bike lanes by type.


Explore pending and ongoing capital projects like new parks and street improvements.